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The rumors of our death have been greatly exaggerated

Monday, August 11th, 2008

After taking a well deserved vacation from the Porcubimmer, we’ve rescued it from the no man’s land of Mexico Chula Vista and it’s now safely home in Vince’s garage.  We decided it was high time to figure out just what put us out of action in May.  First, we wanted to verify that the engine would still start and run as well as test our computer to see if it had been the source of our stalling issue.

Oddly, though the car started several times while in exile at Scott’s folks house, it wouldn’t start now, even after a jump courtesy of Vince’s Bitchin Camaro.  Highly scientific testing procedures revealed we had air (none of us were suffocating), we had fuel (god knows we could smell it), we had 12v to the coil (tested with the world’s finest afroengineered test light)… but there was no spark upon cranking.

After eliminating all other possible issues, we discovered a missing crank position sensor pin on the flywheel as well as highly reliable internet info that indicated that this can indeed cause an E30 to not start.  Looking at the pile of friction material released onto the floor when we removed the flywheel cover, we realized that A:  it was quite likely the pin broke off and B:  it was quite likely the clutch was now an ex clutch.  Full out assault began.

Scott was the lucky one to use a combination of braille and approximately 43ft worth of ratchet extensions to remove the bolts securing the transmission.  After a few minutes, a lot of filth, and some gentle persuasion…

…we had a rousing game of “Hide The Tranny.”  Not that kind of tranny, you goddamn perverts.   Upon pulling the clutch disc itself out, we noticed it appeared to be… not good.

I’m no ASE Certified mechanic, but that looks like a bad clutch to me.  Markings on it indicate that it is an OEM BMW clutch, giving it a good possibility of being original to the car.  We rolled the dice and lost on this one, lesson learned.  Once class was out, we took a brief Tecate break…

And then headed downtown where we located our backup plan in the event we cannot resurrect the Porcubimmer thanks to the Gumball 3000.

I’m sure Jay will believe we got it for $500, right Jay?  Jay?  Shit.

Stay tuned, loyal Porcubimmer fans as we’ve obviously got quite a bit of work ahead of us and only a few months to do it in, so I have no doubt we’ll be working hard.  As hard as a bunch of underpaid, burrito powered, mostly drunk men can, at any rate.