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Sunday, September 28th, 2008

Rather than posting lots of little blog entries over the last three weeks documenting our slow progress that contained such precious nuggets of information like “Vince scratched his ass while we talked about getting a new throwout bearing,” I have decided to wait until our main project was finished and make one large, fun filled, power packed update.  So, without further ado…

A few weeks had gone by while we determined little logistical items like “who is going to drive this shitpile pedigreed racing machine at Thunderhill” and “how the hell are we going to pay for a clutch.”  With those solved, Scott found us a nice (almost) new clutch and single-mass flywheel for a screaming bargain.  Notice the difference between the stocker (left) and the new unit (right).

Should rev a little quicker now, don’tcha think?  So Vince and I got the new clutch, flywheel, and pressure plate installed (not neccesarily in that order) and found ourselves ready to put the tranny back in.  However, upon close mostly sober  inspection, the throwout bearing showed signs of, well.  Not being a bearing anymore.  It was a bit rough.  We decided at that point to call it a day and do two things.  One:

We gave the old clutch disc a Viking funeral.  Two:

We went to a Padres game.  Which has nothing to do with racing, except it lets me post a photo that indicates that we’re every bit as retarded out of the garage as we are in it.

Anyway, this brings us to last weekend.  With new throwout bearing in hand, I proceded over to Vince’s Best Damn Garage In Town to work on getting the transmission back in the car.  With some help from our friend Don who was obviously very bored, we managed to shove the transmission more or less back into the right place and reconnect it.  Upon verifying that the shifter was in fact sticking up through the correct hole (insert joke here) and tightened into place using the required 37″ of extensions and swivels on the ratchet, we crossed our fingers, hooked the flat battery to Don’s Taco Truck, and turned the key.

Lo and behold, she burst forth with the glorious dulcet tones of the unmuffled straight 6.  The broken crank position sensor pin on the flywheel had indeed been the source of the car not starting.  The three of us looked at the driveshaft sitting in the car, decided we had all had more than enough beer for the day, and called it quits.  Here, Vince celebrates his victory over the transmission and exhorts you to follow him, follow him to freedom:

So finally that brings us to today.  After taking care of some housekeeping issues in the garage and some minor details with the car, we figured it was high time to give the car the shaft.  The driveshaft, you god damned perverts.  After surprisingly little grunting and swearing, Scott, Vince, and I got the driveshaft into place and the assorted heatshielding bolted back where it belonged.  We made sure the rear jackstands were plenty sturdy, crossed our fingers, and Scott hopped in to turn the key and let the clutch out.

Beautiful, beautiful rotation.  For freshness.  Scott quickly rowed it through the gears to make sure they all worked, then took a quick moment to clean up.

After that, well.  We had to road test it, of course.  Vince hopped in, fired it up, backed it out, and took her for a spin around the block, much to the horror of concerned mothers throughout the neighborhood.

So concluded a productive month for Team Porcubimmer!  Having tackled our major issue, from here on out the only major work that needs to be done is upgrading to the new LeMons safety standards and some minor maintenance and theme upgrades.  Stay tuned, Porcufans, we’ve got a fun little twist planned for the return of the Porcubimmer.