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Back in the saddle

Saturday, May 30th, 2009

After a well deserved several month break, it’s time for Team Porcubimmer to kick it back into gear.

First of all, Vince, one of our former drivers, started his own team, Chevy High Performance, and entered his ‘83 Chevy Camaro racer in the “Going for Broken” 24 Hours of LeMons race in Reno, NV last weekend. Rich, Kris, and I all decided to go up there and give him a hand. Unfortunately, the car blew a head gasket and most likely toasted the rod bearings after 14 laps and Vince’s race was done. It was still a ton of fun to attend, however, and it got me motivated to get the Porcubimmer into racing shape again.

The next west coast LeMons race is in August at Buttonwillow. I’m currently assembling a list of interested drivers and we will be applying soon (registration deadline is next week). But in the meantime, since the Porcubimmer has been sitting dormant, we decided to enter it in the It’s Grassroots Motorsports magazine’s west coast version of their low buck $2009 challenge, which consists of a series of drag racing and autocross events in San Diego across several months for cars prepared for $1000 or less. There’s a Concours car show competition as well, with one of the judging categories being “fit and finish.” I’m sure the judges will just mark “LOL” for our car. It starts next week and I’m sure our car will fare well in the autocross portion. We’ll be severely outgunned for the drag race, though, but we’re mainly just doing it for fun.

Hope to see you at the races! — Scott