Our best race ever!

The race has been over for two weeks now, so I guess a blog update is overdue!

Weeks and weeks of hard work turned our beloved Porcubimmer into Steven King’s killer ‘58 Plymouth Fury. Except instead of being Christine, we have Prickstine!

First, of the car courtesy of our buddy Dave at

The final race tally for the “Goin’ For Broken” race at Thunderhill Raceway: 6th place, finishing 4 laps behind the winner. 373 laps over 17 hours. That’s 1100 miles!

We also won the “Awesome E30″ award (actually we were co-winners along with the “E30chero”). The organizers of the race dislike BMW E30s (84-91 BMW 3-series cars, for those not in the know) because there are so many teams that run them. So many teams run them because they’re pretty decent race cars right out of the box and the organizers think it doesn’t take much effort to make one race ready. Obviously we worked very hard to make our car stand out from the crowd, and it was a great honor for us to be recognized for our efforts. The trophy is too tall to fit on my garage trophy shelf!

Judge Phil also did an awesome write-up on our car for Jalopnik.

The race couldn’t have gone much better for us. The car ran beautifully, and while it wasn’t the fastest on the straights, we could reel in just about any car in the corners thanks to talented driving, new suspension bushings, and upgraded tires. The only mechanical issue the car had was a somewhat flaky computer. The car would stumble and not run right over 4500 RPM, so we just adapted and shifted sooner.

We only had two driver mishaps. The first was when Ben went a little too hot into a corner, went off the outside of the track, and then spun back across, resulting in a black flag.

Luckily we had “Get out of jail free” cards left over from the last race, so Ben was in and out of the penalty box in a couple of minutes. Then at the very end of day one, Kris was black flagged for an unknown offense. He came into the penalty box after the checkered flag, and luckily the judges were in a good mood so they forgave our offense and let us go. Woohoo!

Day two was absolutely flawless and all of our drivers turned up the heat and got better times than the day before. The “V8Volvo” had a large lead over all of the other cars when its rear diff grenaded with 40 minutes left. Their unfortunate breakdown allowed us to pass them in the standings just before the end of the race, and we ultimately finished 6th, our best finish ever! Our car didn’t suffer a scratch!


The other teams in the top 5 are all LeMons veterans with a lot of experience. We are extremely proud that our rag-tag team finished as well as it did, even with our one incident. I alway tell the drivers that we’re in this for fun, and I make sure all the paying drivers get their fair turn behind the wheel.

For now, I’m enjoying having a social life and not having to spend every afternoon in the garage, but we hope to be back in December at the next LeMons race at Buttonwillow, possibly with a stop at SEMA beforehand. Stay tuned!

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